Yoga and Breath Work to Gather Energy
Unifying body, mind and spirit is the goal of Yoga. This integration happens naturally when you work with the breath of life. It is an art form to harmonize health, knowledge and inner peace. Viewed as a sacred instrument, you are encouraged to purify your body by eating a raw vegetarian diet and drink a lot of water.
The cells and vital organs are well oxygenated promoting relaxation and deep sleep which encourages dreaming. Through powerful Kundalini breathing exercises, you will have the opportunity to access altered state of consciousness and recharge your electro-magnetic field. A great deal of energy can be gathered this way. Also by opening and tuning the chakra system or the ethereal body, you will create a bridge of light to penetrate the realm of the transcendant. According to Castaneda, we can “fly on the wings of intention” to move between realities in the kingdom of our imagination. May awareness be the vehicle of your transformation.
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